Staff Profile 

All of our tattoo artists at Kamikaze Tattoo Studios have one thing in common,

They all love and enjoy creating exceptional tattoo art!

At Kamikaze Tattoo Studios we work with a large number of multi award-winning artists. Our tattoo artists and management will work closely with you to ensure we produce the highest quality custom tattoos that meet your desired request. Our tattoo artists have years of experience some of them also completing their four year apprentices with us. All of our artists are trained and understand AS/NZ 4187 health and safety procedures. The artists and management will give you the best options and instructions before, during and after your tattoo procedure.

Every tattoo artist at Kamikaze Tattoo Studios each have their own unique style and specialty however your personal wishes and ideas are always the foundation for your new tattoo. If you need a unique tattoo with symbolic value. Or just an amazing piece of art on your body. Our artists are happy to use your ideas to inspire and craft the perfect tattoo.

Whatever it is going too be, our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience is one as memorable as the ink in your skin. 



Style: Black and Grey – Realism, Chicano, Native, Large black and grey specialist.

Roby is one of our residence artists at Kamikaze Tattoo Studio in Kuta. And can be requested in any of the other studio locations (Be sure to book ahead).

Born and raised in Tabanan – Bali where he volunteers in youth work. Roby start tattooing in 2008 and created his own unique black and grey style. If you are looking for realism, portraits, native, oriental in black and grey, then Roby is the one who can create a master piece for you. Multi award winning artist. Roby loves art and playing volleyball in his home town and spending time with his wife and their baby girl named Ola. 



KOTROCK – Tattoo Artist 
Style:  Neo traditional, Color, Geometric, Line Work, Dot work, Mandala and female tattoo specialist. 
Kotrock is another one of our resident artist at kamikaze tattoo studio Kuta. And has been with our family since we started many years ago. Kotrock is the go to man for all things mandalas dot work and perfect geometry. He is a specialist at tattooing woman as his line work and particular attention to feminine styles is second to none. Kotrock is a true master and a well-established and well-rounded professional. Multiple first place awards. Multiple best of day awards throughout southeast Asia. 




Style:  Realism – Portraits, Black and Grey designs, Soft grey specialist.

If you are looking for a very detailed tattoo, then Rio is the guy that you are looking for. Rio has been in the tattoo industry for over a decade. His passion and perfectionism for tattooing shows in everything he does. From the design procedure to the tattoo procedure Rio is exceptionally professional. Rio originally comes from Java, but settled down in Bali to take his tattoo ambition the next chapter. Recently his wife and daughter also settled in Bali to support Rio in his tattoo carrier. Multiple awards Multiple 1st place around Indonesia and southeast Asia.




Style:  Color realism , Neo traditional, Old school, Black and grey realism.
Raga is a very talented artist from Central Java. He starting his tattoo carrier back in 2010 when he was only 19 years old. Raga is known for his great skills in realism, neo traditional and old school tattoos. When Raga is not tattooing or drawing, he loves to go hiking and make camping trips with his friends to explore Indonesia. Raga has successfully competed in multiple tattoo expos and competition repeatedly taking out first place awards and best of the day medals. Making him yet another one of the award winning artists apart of the team at kamikaze tattoo studio.





Style: Black and grey, color, Balinese barong Tattoos, Line work, Dot work, Mandala specialist.

Usrock is a very well rounded artist. Mastering many styles nothing can’t be thrown at him without exceptional results. His home town in Tabanan is famous for its strong history in all things art with some of the best carvers painters and wood workers in the world. This artist culture is in his genetics and shows in all his work. Multi award winning artist




KOKO - Tattoo Artist 

Style: Black Work - Line Work , Dot Work,  Hand Poking 

Koko works in all studios under request but stationed in Canggu and Kuta. Koko is born and raised in Malang – East Java where his passion for tattooing started in 1999. Koko is a legend in the Bali tattoo scene for his black work, fine lines, dot work and hand poking. Also is Koko the secretary of Indonesian subculture “Bali chapter”. When Koko is not tattooing, he will visit his hometown to join his band as vocalist in Candukelir and the sweet paloma and build his customs bikes in his own custom bike shop. 


EPONK - Tattoo Artist 

 Style: American Traditional - Neo Traditional, Line Work,  Dot Work , Black work 

Multiple award-winning tattoo artist Eponk is from Bali and starting tattooing in 2007. Since 2010 Eponk is working full-time as a tattoo artist. Eponk loves to explore the world and has been tattooing in Bangkok, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. Besides tattooing, Eponk loves surfing, skateboarding and take his dirt bike to explore Bali. If you are in Canggu and you looking for tattoos in American and Neo Traditional, Line Work, Dot Work and Black work, then Eponk is your guy. 


KETUT KECIL – Tattoo Artist 
Style:  Line Work - Black work 
Our most loyal employee must be Ketut Kecil. Ketut start working at Kamikaze in 2014 as a backup artist but grew in the years to an excellent tattoo artist. Currently Ketut is working in Kamikaze Tattoo Studio in Gili Trawangan were his focus is on small and mid-size tattoos. Ketut is 21 years old and comes from the northern part of Bali. He loves art, drawing but his biggest passion is drinking Arak Bali. If you ever want to know where to get the best Arak, ask Ketut and he would be more than happy to help you!  


CHICO – Tattoo Artist 
Style:  Realism – Surrealism - Fantasy  

26-year-old Chico is born and raised in Bogor – West Java where he learned tattooing 7 years ago. Chico is a master in realistic and fantasy tattoos. Every single of his tattoo is unique and one of its kind. Besides tattooing, his other passion is photography. Chico has a great eye for art which you can see back in his tattoos as well in his photos. When Chico is visiting his home town, he loves to ride his classic motorbike.  Multiple awards in his specialist categories.